Monochrome Chinese Balin seal stone triangularly shaped with longish round base and an apricot or ivory shine if exposed to light - for Asian seal carving.

If you are looking for a small Seal Stone, this is the one we would recommend you! Having a Pixiu on the top, this Seal Stone is soft which makes it easy to carve. Base (Carving area): in x in / cm x cm

A wonderful, medium sized Shoushan Seal Stone that is ideal for Seal Stamp & Chop Carving. Get this Seal Stone Carved by our carving Master.

KunLun Lardite Sealstone For Oriental Artwork Seal Carving Beginners

Rare specimen of the Kunlun stone family in a translucent shade of pale yellow…

Our Peach Blossom Seal Stone comes in handy and can be used not only for carving and chopping on the artworks after it is carved, but also for collection. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind Seal Stone.

Chinese seal stone for seal carving in pure crystal-white Kunlun stone with cuboid shaped body and rectangular base.