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Love silver foliage Garden by #peterfudge

All good plants - hint of the subtropics and some grey foliage to link with the Strelitzia - good for the new rock garden

kanske med gräs i gruset

Simple contrasts spark garden interest: Scott Shrader edged a seventeenth-century stone water trough. with elegant, sheared boxwoods and ‘Blue Glow’ agaves. the trough features a bronze spigot from La Maison Francaise Antiques, Inc that’s a replic

How to build a natural stone retaining wall the right way! One tier or more.

These mossy stones make a new wall in Bromont, QC look as though it has been around for a hundred years. These stones replaced an earlier wall built with stones too small to hold back the bank.

The American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2014 Best Residential Garden Winners Photos | Architectural Digest

Dry-laid masonry walls, using locally reclaimed granite, give definition to the steeply sloped property while also helping to stem erosion by slowing water runoff. Bench incorporated into stone wall.