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Bruno Cappelletti

Bruno Cappelletti
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Fitness expert Caroline Pearce shares her experience

Fitness expert Caroline Pearce shares her experience

Versatile ViPR exercises to get you moving!

Explore ViPR exercises, the whole body intergrated training training equipment that you can twist, shake, drag and roll, with WatchFit Expert John Shepherd.

What To Eat to Lose Weight

12 proven weight loss tips: Eat your food slowly and chew it well. When you eat, the body releases a hormone (cholecystokinin or CCK), which indicates.

Mentally prepare for a marathon state of mind

For many people, running is a sport and/or activity that not only provides them a means to remain fit and healthy, but may also give a great deal of enjoyment and stress relief from their daily stress.

A look at the ketogenic diet

Low carbohydrate diets have been a staple on the diet front for decades; however, is every carbohydrate-restricting diet considered ketogenic? What makes a diet .

Foods that decrease inflammation, and those that cause it

Without inflammation we die, and yet, with too much inflammation we are miserable. To restore the balance, have less omega six oils, and eat.

Strong legs, strong body, strong performance

Harriet Anderson: 78 Year Old Ironman Champion Okay, you may be asking the question, “Why would a 78 old woman want to race in one of the world’s most grueling competitions with people one-quarter her age?