Summer is gone and Autumn is here. Get you Fall season off to a good start with one of our Happy Fall quotes.

Going for a drive

*Peanuts Snoopy Rubber Stamp Driving with his buddy Woodstock in a VW Beetle - very cooool

'If you can't be the pen that writes someone's happiness, then try to be the eraser that cancels the bitterness/sadness"

Caro Snoopy, "per farti diventare ciò di cui ha bisogno" e ciò che ti convince che tu hai bisogno(Gian).Dear Snoopy, "to make you become what he needs" and what convinces you that you need (Gian)


Woodstock and Snoopy decorating their Christmas tree! Next year I plan on having Charlie Brown Christmas tree!~ It is simple and easy to take down after Christmas!

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