Francesca Brotto

Francesca Brotto

Treviso / Dispensatrice di sorrisi. Lo faccio leggendo e scrivendo racconti ironici. Adoro i fiori. L'arte è l'espressione del tutto.
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love this gate

Kitten and owl - Album on Imgur

Kitten and owl - Album on Imgur

J THE SHOP ツイードジャケット

The Mon-Hare Lisa - tho' not really a Hare, was painted by the famous artist Le.Hare.nardo da Vinci from 1503 to possibly 1517 (sometimes the artist would paint as many as three canvases at a time, hopping from one canvas to another)

Idee giardino

Outdoor tub, with fire system to warm the water.

Like we said, Leslie is a handful. Photo: Todd Lahman

Gorgeous (and devout?) lapis lazuli turtles. We would love to see what's going on inside... Cracking Art Group "SOS WORLD"

Minature donkey

Minature baby donkey's...