Eco Wedding: shabby e vintage

DIY Chair Projects - Pinning for A. - he'd destroy the house with this in it. But it would be totally awesome to hang this in the giant hallway.

Angela Missoni’s Miss Dondola. A beautiful mix of colorful padding and playful string connecting the wood staves of the casks to form what looks like a fun swinging chair.

Tire puffs- reuse old tires without having the actual tire showing! Genius when you don't like wasting things but don't like the look of tire stools

Harley-Davidson Adirondack Chair

Should you appreciate adirondack furniture an individual will appreciate this website!

Metall Design Sessel aus 200l Fass Ölfass gebürstet & Klar pulverbeschichtet

Metal Design, Metal Drum, Stools, Construction, Drum, Large Sheds, Oil Barrel, Scrap, Barrels

Industrial Furniture Barrel Chair Choose your color Reclaimed Wood Seat

Industrial Furniture Barrel Chair w/ vinyl padded seat. poltroncine ricavate da barili di vernice in metallo, che io userei in giardino