loft for extra space

I love this loft idea with a ladder and natural looking wood around but it would have to be for older kids.


teaches mechanics and science in a classroom; it creates a fun way for students to transfer materials to another part of the classroom. Could use with one of our Lofts!

Toddler room- Nido La Casa Amarilla  ≈≈

Toddler room- Nido La Casa Amarilla ≈≈ The way this room is set up speaks of what children love are drawn to - private spaces, climbing, discovering. The environment speaks so many languages!

separador de ambientes

35 ingeniosas formas de reutilizar palets

We are sharing here a nice plan for a DIY pallet room divider with adjustable design. Using different natured pallets two big DIY pallet walls have been made

mosaico hidraulico restaurar - Cerca amb Google

I have a total thing for Moroccan-inspired tiles. I dream about covering my bathroom floors with them one day, but I may have to make plans to outfit my kitchen now, too.