Africa (Sebastião Salgado)

Sebastião Salgado - Child worker at the Mata tea plantation, Rwanda

Pamir - Forgotten on the Rood of the World (Matthieu & Mareile Paley)

New book by Matthieu Paley - photographs from the northern reaches of Afghanistan

China (Yann Layma)

China (Yann Layma)

On This Earth (Nick Brandt)

{images} So work is picking up and I am so grateful because it’s a much needed distraction. We are busy brainstorming another African.

The Places We Live (Jonas Bendiksen)

India, Mumbai, A little girl playing in Laxmi Chawl, a neighborhood of Dharavi. The little lightbulbs are put out for an upcoming neighborhood wedding, Jonas Bendiksen.

Planet Shanghai (Justin Guariglia)

Sun Protection, Shanghai Photograph by Justin Guariglia A woman wears a visor and sleeved shawl to protect her skin from the sun as she rides her bicycle in Shanghai. Many women in Asia cover themselves in light clothing to prevent sun damage.