Specialty- directory advertising

Ahlam Alnajdi, a Saudi photographer and artist, has become an internet celebrity by posting incredible clay sculptures of (mostly) food. I.

specialty pro's- Inexpensive

This is my favorite social media network, it connects friends all over the world. thats why this is a part of todays culture

Outdoor Pro's- Brings people to buy there products

Outdoor Pro's: Highly visible, inexpensive, easy repetition- visible ALL the time, geographically selected and tailored

Transit Con's- People dont care about whats it advertising or its just a short message

Coops Paints/Nationwide Advertisement Great ad on side of building in Columbus. OH. Note the cars covered in the paint and the Nationwide ad on the right with their line, "life comes at you fast".

Outdoor Con's- people not interested in their product and dont pay attention to your sign

‘billboards 2008 branislav kropilak is a young solakia-born, belgium-raised photographer that has primarily worked for the world’s leading ad agenc

Banner Con's- low response rate on average less than 1% click off sites

Banner Con's- low response rate on average less than click off sites

Tv Con's- Expensive wasted ciruclation target may not be reached auidence size not assured

Samsung - TV on command - responds to voice commands and gestures

Radio Con's- No visuals, short life span, wasted circulation

An Ex-Public Radio Host Asks Herself, 'Now What?' Redefining Success When Your Career Changes

Radio Pro's- Wide audience, cost effective per person reached

Meet love guru, radio host 'Delilah' - Oh man, I religiously listened to "Delilah: Love On The River" in junior high and high school!

Email Pro's- Spam meassages sent to people and them clicking on it and get something out of it

Start a Yahoo Store and sell from millions of wholesale products in our online directory of wholesale suppliers and dropshipping suppliers.

Tv Pro's- huge audience messages can be directed toward specified audience

CMR of 120 for Smooth Motion Performance Wide Color Enhancer Plus Video, Music & Photos Directly to Your TV with Connect Share™ Movie 2 HDMI Connections Clear Motion Rate of 120 Experience sharp picture quality, even when you are watching fast-movin

Pop up Con's-  opens the door for immediate sales with unlimited info

Pros of pop ups- builds brand awareness extends beyond local market opens door to immediate sales