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Cuornero's Sourcebook

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My Breastplate is an almost-identical copy of the one in Schloss Churburg armoury. Significative differences are in size for my own adjustment and the lance-rest (absent in the artifact) which I added for reconstructive-educative purposes. Breastplate, Ruestkammer Schloss Churburg, Schluderns 1390 ref_arm_3810

Burchard von Steinberg (1376) Germany. Splinted Arms and Breastplate like the Pistoia Altar's one.

Trebon Altarpiece. 1380-1390 ca. Wolf Rib Helm. Detail.

Trebon Altarpiece, 1380-1390 ca. Wolf Rib Helm.

Torun Retable, Polonia (1390): Spallacci bombati con una lamella. Round shoulderpads with single articulation.

c1387 Eberhard Von Rosenberg, Germany. Possible hinge for saloon door back plate?: