Slow Brand Festival 2018 - #SBF018

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a large projection screen in front of a lecture hall
Slow Brand Festival 2018 @ La Cordata, Via S. Vittore 49 Milano - in collaborazione con L'Associazione L'Arte del Vivere con Lentezza e Hole in One in qualità di Main Sponsor Tecnico
a woman in a red dress is working on her project at a table with other people
Le targhe per lo Slow Boss Award 2018
a sign is posted on the side of a building
Locandina #SBF018
Networking iniziale... Fashion, Tops, Networking, Women, Open Shoulder, Long Sleeve, Sleeves
Networking iniziale...
a wall covered in posters and pictures of people with different hair colors on it's face
Hole in One, Main Sponsor Tecnico
two women sitting at a table with water bottles and papers on it, one writing
Preparazione accrediti... con gadget per i partecipanti!
Suits, Trousers, Pants, Pantsuit
a woman holding up a sign that says keep calm and slow down in front of a wall
Daniela Compassi - Senior Editor Brandforum
a woman holding up two signs in front of a sign that says slow travel and the other one has an orange speech bubble above her head
Alessandra Olietti - Senior Editor e PM Eventi Brandforum
a man sitting in a chair holding a piece of paper and smiling at the camera
Momento di preparazione e concentrazione prima di andare in scena... Daniele Giulietti, Attore e Formatore.
two women standing at a table with bottles of water and orange scissors in front of them
two women are talking to each other in front of a group of people sitting in chairs
a woman holding a sign that says valore del tempo in front of a wall
Rebecca Rabozzi - Senior Editor e Social Media Manager Brandforum
Hair Styles, Dreadlocks, Style
four people holding orange signs with words on them
Team Hole in One, Main Sponsor Tecnico #SBF018