Patrizia De Botolis

Patrizia De Botolis

un occhio qu@, uno là. (Strabismo, insomma).
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Fairy Door Light Purple Door Beachside Cottage by apeekinside, $38.00

Hinged 6 flowered Fairy door for the home or garden by Ignatzz, $25.00

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Fairy Mini Garden Door with Welcome Sign

Miniature Fairy Garden Glass Bauble - Nichola Battilana

5 Adorable Fairy Garden Ideas To Make Right Now. Cute and imaginative, these clever directional signs will point you towards the closest fairy tale wonderland. We used Mod Podge Mod Melts and a Plaid Wood Surface to whip up this fun sign post, and we can't wait to find Fairy Blvd.

"Tiny Shabby Chic Birdhouse Necklace" Oh, I MUST have this!!! <3

Old blue door by gdubois

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