Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha - Comedy, Study for a Mural for the German Theatre, New York, 1908

Empress Sisi of Austria with her stars in her hair

Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi) Detail of the portrait by Winterhalter

Kaiserin Elisabeth of Austria

Portrait by unknown artist of Empress Elisabeth “Sissi” (Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie) Dec Sep Bavaria riding her horse. Sissi was the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I Aug Nov Austria.

Elisabeth wearing a polonaise dress

Empress Elisabeth of Austria wearing a polonaise dress This is an interesting photo showing Empress Elisabeth wearing a crinoline worn with a three-lobed polonaise over-skirt.

lindakata:    Sisi (1837-1898)

1865 Sisi from back in Kramer photo set - Empress Sisi displays her long hair in an elaborate coiffure and impossibly tiny waist in this Albert of Munich photo.


Almanach de Saxe Gotha - HIRM Empress Elisabeth of Austria - Sissi

Norika - Beauty' My spirit celebrates humanity. My spirit shines in a baby's first smile, in the laughter of children, & in the eyes of those we love. It is found in a face that bears the signature of the 1000 smiles & 1000 tears of many well lived years.

Eduard Kaiser, Elisabeth of Bavaria (Sissi).  They say she never smiled for pictures because she had bad teeth.  She had a lot of idiosyncrasies. Fascinating woman.

[Diamond circlet and impressive diamond necklace] 1861 Empress Elisabeth by Eduard Kaiser

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