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The succession of concave and convex surfaces characterizes the shapes of the collection Boa, while the refined asymmetry gives dynamism and lightness to the volumes. The vases and bowls seem floats, dancing bodies, whirling shapes on the surface of a table.

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Whom will the last slice of cake be up to that no one dares to take? Ironically the Akitoka solves the dilemma with a ceramic slice of cake decorated with precious metal that is part of the dish.

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Gypsy in an accessory which covers the common light bulb, transforming it on a hanging lamp. Similar to a hat, is made of fine ceramic available in different colors. The side cut allows the easy insertion, without the need of assembly, to any bulb hanging from a thread. available only on*

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Habanos is an elegant and refined cigar ashtray. With it's wooden box, Habanos is the perfect gift for connoisseur and appassionate. available only on*

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Ideal for serving appetizers, dips or desserts trough a central bowl useful for saucers and creams. The loop centerpiece, welcome also the fuit in practice concavity located alone it's circumference, giving us the imaginary of an orbit. available only on*

Tris includes 1 tray and 9 ceramic bowls. It's ideal ad hors d'oeuvre dish, but also as a collector of small objects in the office or home. The 9 containers, once inverted and put it on the tray, transform tris onto the homonymous pastime to play with and entertain friends. available only on*

Pot is an unusual vase. It is designed in addition to wrap the base to give the right quantity of water to the plant. The excess liquid is collected in the lower container from which the roots draw water. Delicate colors, discrete the form, Pot fits elegantly into any environment. available only on*

URBANO lamo designed by Valentina Carretta Urban lamps, the refined delicacy of form gives the object a presence elegant, discreet and courteous, without losing sight of the functional aspect for they were designed. The clean lines and rounded, the orientation of the light and the two possible versions of dimensions in fact confer some flexibility of use, making the lamp suitable for different contexts.

Mielito is a stylish and practical ceramic honey dispenser characterized by a touch of color on a white background reminiscent of a trail left by an anonymous honey eater. available only on*

Shish Dish has an organic and enveloping shape. It can be used as a plate with an unusual shape. Perfect for serving skewers, ideal for pasta, risotto and sweet fruit: an exotic touch for the table. available only on*