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Francesco Meroni

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Francesco Meroni
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Penso che la cosa più misericordiosa al mondo sia l'incapacità della mente umana di mettere in relazione i suoi molti contenuti. Viviamo su una placida isola d'ignoranza in mezzo a neri mari d'infi...

Anxiety - it can smother us and make us itch, be ancy, have the Spilka's - or drive one to despair - but if we can change our relationship with it - if we can be curious instead of frightened - well maybe freedom can be cultivated.

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Oh, I can almost smell these… not the flowers… all of that beautiful old paper! These collages by Australian artist Lee McKenna are like found paper treasures. Bits and pieces from various place

2013 Collages (janvier-mai) - CARO-MA COLLAGES

2013 Collages (janvier-mai) - CARO-MA COLLAGES ANALYSIS Another conceptual piece. The bright colours against the greyscale scene, the paper cutout man, and the manipulating of scale give this image a surreal quality.