Some pic of surroundings near Borgo La Casaccia, so you can have an idea of our territory....
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an alley way with stone buildings and vines growing on the side of each building,
Borgo La Casaccia
Montaione Historical Center
a clock tower in the middle of an old town square with tables and chairs around it
Montaione, main square
I made a mistake .. Only now I realize that, among my posts, I have never published photos of #montaione. It is a mistake for two reasons: because a holiday, of any duration and nature, is ALWAYS an experience in a destination, and therefore not only in #borgolacasaccia. And it is a mistake because Montaione is a small and precious pearl. And sometimes I want to show to You some pics of the town! Here is Piazza della Repubblica, and the facade of the Church of San Regolo.
the sun shines brightly over a field of sunflowers
Borgo La Casaccia
On the road between us and Castelfiorentino there is a beautiful #sunflower field; the sunflowers proudly show their shoulders to the sun 😂😂 #tuscany #florence #Amot
a snow covered road with trees and bushes on both sides in the middle of winter
Borgo La Casaccia
This morning We woke up and... 😳! (After yesterday's Sergio's words:"don't worry, no #snow this week") #borgolacasaccia #montaione #tuscany #countryside #florence
a sign on the side of the road that says montaionee with an elephant in the background
Borgo La Casaccia
I've always known, but now it's official: #montaione is one of the I Borghi Piu' Belli D'Italia (The nicest hamlets in Italy).. and I'm quite proud that this sign has been putted at the beggining of the road to #borgolacasaccia like saying... #tuscany..what else?
bales of hay in the middle of a field
Borgo La Casaccia
This is "Via delle Rocche" today; the road that leads to #borgolacasaccia... and this... is ... Tuscan #COUNTRYSIDE! #montaione #tuscany #florence
the sun shines brightly in front of some trees and bushes on a hill overlooking a body of water
Borgo La Casaccia
a dirt road in the middle of a lush green field
Borgo La Casaccia
The Trekking path just outside Borgo La Casaccia
a field with many trees and bushes under a cloudy sky
Borgo La Casaccia
Surroundings of Borgo La Casaccia
an old village is surrounded by trees and hills in the distance, under a cloudy sky
Borgo La Casaccia
an old brick building with trees in the middle and rain on the ground around it
Borgo La Casaccia
San Gimignano with the rain
several cows grazing in a green pasture on a sunny day
Borgo La Casaccia
Cows! You can find them in a farmhouse in Gambassi Terme, 15 minutes far from us
a rainbow appears in the sky above some trees
Borgo La Casaccia
On the road to Borgo La Casaccia this morning
a bike parked next to a building with potted plants and flowers on the side
Borgo La Casaccia
Beautiful pic in Certaldo Alto, 15 minutes far from Borgo La Casaccia
a group of people standing on the side of a river next to buildings and bridges
Borgo La Casaccia
View from Corridoio Vasariano