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these are external parts of Borgo La Casaccia, the building is XVIII century, an ancient post and police station
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there are paintings on the brick wall and in front of it is an outdoor swimming pool
Borgo La Casaccia
A life in color!
a potted plant sitting on top of a stone wall
Borgo La Casaccia
A view Beyond the wall
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees and hills
Borgo La Casaccia
The View from Colli Senesi Apartment
an outdoor area with tables, benches and a swimming pool
Borgo La Casaccia
Cleaning the tables!
the sun shines brightly in the distance over a grassy area with benches and tables
Borgo La Casaccia
Grass Cutting
a white sign sitting on the side of a road
Borgo La Casaccia
THE ENTRANCE New sign at the entrance ... and the heart-tree that welcomes our guests ❤❤
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees and mountains
Borgo La Casaccia
Let's inaugurate the new section : "the windows of the Casaccia" 😃This is the view from the Colli Fiorentini apartment .. with the mithycal plum tree that is blooming ...
a table topped with lots of food and desserts
Borgo La Casaccia
It seems that a large part of the world is in lockdown, more or less tight… so, there is only one thing left to do… GLAM Ricevimenti suggests it clearly…. Long live #borgolacasaccia and long live the Tuscan table products !!!
some fruit hanging from a tree in the middle of a field with green grass and trees
Borgo La Casaccia
BOTANICAL MOMENT I’ve been asked about this tree at #borgolacasaccia. It is pretty strange in effect, It is called #corbezzolo , (probably it is not the offical name,but well.. We are #country men) and it is my favourite. Starting fom October (more or less) this tree make this beautiful fruits of different colors (Green, yellow,red depending from the “age”) and it’s a real explosion in colors.. there are 4 corbezzolo trees here ..
an old stone building sitting on top of a lush green field
Borgo La Casaccia
You know that Borgo La Casaccia (“old house”, not “ugly house” as modern italian language seems to suggest), is an historical place: an old station on the Pisa-Florence road. You can read here if you want: https://www.borgolacasaccia.it/en/farmhouse-in-tuscany/pag-1.html -Every now and then, I sit on the wall and think about what people did in this exact place like 250 years ago… did they look out the windows like us?
an olive tree with lots of fruit hanging from it's branches in the grass
A Tuscan Symbol
This is #tuscany! Or better, this is one of the symbols of our wonderful region. It's #olive s harvest time, a hard and tiring job .. but a bruschetta (slice of toasted bread) with garlic and new oil worths any effort .. come and try it, trust me!
a piano sitting on top of a brick wall next to a pool with a telescope
Sax and piano
I'm more like an "electric guitar guy", but I must say that Borgo La Casaccia with the piano andthe sax has a certain charm !!
a rainbow is seen in the sky over a house with a brick walkway and pool
Rainbow Over The pools
Chi ha detto che un #arcobaleno è raro da vedere? Non qui al #borgolacasaccia☺️☺️ _____ Who said that #rainbow are rare to see? ☺️☺️
a stone house with pink flowers in the foreground and green grass on the other side
Borgo La Casaccia
The entrance of the Morellino di Scansano apartment! #borgolacasaccia #tuscany #countryside #florence ___ L'ingresso dell'appartamento Morellino di Scansano!! #toscana #montaione #campagna #firenze #amot
an outdoor area with grass and stone walls
Borgo La Casaccia
Dopo il passaggio dei giardinieri il #borgolacasaccia è davvero tirato a lucido.. e che profumo d'erba ❤️❤️ #toscana #campagna #montaione #firenze _____ After gardeners' work borgo la Casaccia is at its best... And I love the smell of the grass ❤️❤️ #countryside #tuscany #florence #amot