idée de mise en forme d'une pâte


Ingredients - 350 g flour - 80 g softened butter - 2 egg yolks - 140 grams of warm milk - 3 tablespoons sugar - 1 vanilla sugar package - 10 grams of yeast - A little sweet milk for rolls top - powdered sugar

Braided Nutella Bread

Braided Nutella Bread

Yummy Recipes: Braided Nutella Bread recipe (except I'd make it taste like a cinnamon roll.not a huge fan of nutella)

Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese Filling

These are gorgeous! What a lovely Valentine Treat -- Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese Filling. My mom made these for Super Bowl. She used red velvet cake mix. So delish

Braided Nutella Star Bread - toprecipeblog

Braided Nutella Star Bread 450 g cups) of flour plus around 50 g ( ⅜ cup) for sprinkling 180 ml (¾ cup) of milk 2 egg yolks (use egg whites for brushing the bread) 8 g ½ tsp) of active dry y

A Beautiful and Sunny Spinach Pie

A Beautiful and Sunny Spinach Pie - Joybx. - The link took me to a different recipe, but you could do this with any savory pie filling that is thick enough!


Polka dot Tiramisu Sweet Tea Tiramisu tiramisu cupcakes - got to try this zsazsabellagio. Polka dot tiramisu - yes please!

La brioche Butchy

Brioche buchty

Kids usually have homemade pastries like bread, cake, crepes or cookies.

L'angel cake è una meravigliosa torta con soli albumi zucchero farina leggerissima e delicata è buonissima sia nature che decorata o farcita La cucina di ASI

Angel cake - La più famosa ciambella americana con solo albumi

L'angel cake è una meravigliosa torta con soli albumi.

Tiramisu Cake

Chocolate White Chocolate & Raspberry Macarons for Mother’s Day Naked cake = Tiramisu Cake by Call Me Cupcake via Somewhere .


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