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an empty room with concrete walls and yellow trim
Carlo Scarpa @ Fondazione Querini-Stampalia - Venice [1961-1963] #19
an empty bench sitting on top of a tiled floor next to the ocean and beach
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Architect Day: Ricardo Legorreta
two different views of an orange building with a potted plant in the window and on the wall
The Sotogrande House by Francisco Cortina & Ricardo Legorreta (9)
an abstract painting of pink and grey squares on a building's side window sill
Roos van Dijk
Aarhus - Roos van Dijk.
a very tall building with some stairs going up to it's top in black and white
AD Classics: Pirelli Tower / Gio Ponti, Pier Luigi Nervi
Pirelli Tower | 1956-1960 | Milan, Italy | Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi | photo by Massimiliano Degli Antoni
the shadow of an open door on a sidewalk
Barcelona Pavilion | Mies van der Rohe
an empty room with a skylight above it
Gallery of Casa HDJ58 / T38 studio + Pablo Casals-Aguirre - 3
Casa HDJ58 / T38 studio + Pablo Casals-Aguirre
a black and white photo of a man walking down a spiral staircase in a building
Brazil Week // Amazing Buildings Designed By Oscar Niemeyer.
Itamaraty Palace by Oscar Niemeyer | Yellowtrace
the building is designed to look like it's floating on water
Oscar Niemeyer
Alvorada Palace by Oscar Niemeyer (1957-1958), Brasilia, Brazil. Official residence of the President of Brazil.
two people are walking down the walkway in front of a large yellow building with curved walls
pinterest oscar niemeyer - Recherche Google
a black and white photo of the exterior of a building with an unusual design on it
Niemeyer Brasilia
a clock on the side of a large white structure with blue sky in the background
Niemeyer Center by Oscar Niemeyer Closing
Niemeyer Center in Aviles, Spain - photo by Ximo Michavila on Flickr
black and white photograph of the exterior of a building with clouds in the sky behind it
"Sky Rock" Petroglyph!/page170
a man standing in front of a large body of water
Oscar Niemeyer by Carol Aplogan, Photography, Digital
Photography, Digital in Construction, Edifice, Monument, Nikon - Image #443322