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Wedding Invite by JEFFERSON CHENG

✣ STATIONARY ✣ ILLUSTRATION ✣ This is great because the printed folded wrap can be done without a die-cut (just angle-cut the sides on a standard cutter). Die-cut anything is budget death. And it's a beautiful innovative design w/o being over the top.

Love these creative binding solutions for #booklets and #brochures

creative binding solutions for booklets and brochures

I chose for this image to be in my book binding board because I like the way you can still see the craftsmanship that was used binding the book. I also like the idea of binding multiple tiny books to create one final product.

Designkalender Illustrationen 2014

book binding, thread, calendar, black and white


DIY Journal: We used to make books in my Fundamentals of Graphic Design class. One of my favorite assignments.

Red and white layout design


Beautiful use of colour, layout & craftmanship. 世界文化遗产专家五台山考察手册设计 -beautiful layout of type and image -interesting shape of book -looks both delicate and elegant

O Vimaranense Errante / by Atelier Martino&Jaña

O Vimaranense Errante, design by Atelier Martino&Jaña

Idée de reliure!

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Real Invitations — Isabel’s Graduation

Self Promotion idea. Wow. What a great design idea for indies who need to present their powerpoint/proposal/first draft etc. Good job Design Ranch.

/: issycheung: Fine Folk by Design Ranch / dat binding

inspiration design and photography: book binding/ number 2 and 3 | typography / graphic design @ visual journal |

Irregular pages — Johannes Breyer


colorful thread for binding book


way too flipping cool - rubber band binding { Magpie Studio }

Enlightened-Shenzhen·Hong Kong Design Exhibition 09/11 by Fever Chu, via Behance

Enlightened-Shenzhen·Hong Kong Design Exhibition by Fever Chu 朱安邦, via Behance