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I don't want to set my dorm on fire. I just want to start a flame in my brain (a flame of LEARNING!).

My finished Fallout control, lots of resculpting, painting and decal making. rad gauge is the ON button obviously Fallout Control - FINAL

19 Great Ideas For Big Summer Food Parties. Probably the best BuzzFeed list I've seen to date!

Hot dog or hamburger bars - pulled pork on the grill or maybe whole hog? Do you know any hog farmers? In any case we can do menus with slate tiles and Maggie and Lily can color on them Food Ideas, Easy Food Ideas

Cookies 'n Cream Brownies filled with Oreos and topped with fluffy white frosting!

These Oreo Brownies are EXTREME! This Cookies 'n Cream Extreme Brownie Recipe has a fluffy white frosting and is filled with Oreos! (Check out the frosting recipe -- could make regular brownies and top with this frosting and Oreos to be quicker.