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Tribal vector seamless pattern with native American Indian symbols

The thunderbird symbolizes unlimited happiness. ink drawing by Jordan Rueter

Native American Wolf Symbols

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native american thunderbird bird - Google Search

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Haven’t you yet got ideas for #Christmas #gifts ?? Check this amazing old style fantastic pharmacy, Santa Maria Novella…! A short walk from the main train station in Florence will bring to the incredible church called the Santa Maria Novella. Inside this one-of-a-kind 15th century church are many different attractions, mainly the ancient pharmacy. Established in 1612, the pharmacy still stands and is open to this day. #VIsitaflorencia #loveflorenceitaly

You don't know how to pass your time in Florence during Chrismas? Fiesole, is the father of Florence, the Etruscan city which was built way before Florence is sitting on top of a hill and watching Florence to grow. After the Romans who built the city up again up until the 14th century, Fiesole was in stark competition with Florence.... Check out our full article about Fiesole:

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