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the fire is blazing in the dark with bright orange and yellow flames coming out of it
Tiny Homes And Why You NEED One - Way Outdoors
Love the blue of the sky and the orange of the fire contrast!
a woman in a blue dress sitting next to a large vase with flowers on it
artist ~ Richard S Johnson
a black and white photo of a woman's face with the words xandder on it
Hidden Beauty by Rudra Mandal / 500px
Forgotten  Red umbrella
Forgotten Red umbrella
a painting of a woman holding her hair in one hand and wearing a blue dress on the other
Remington's Fine Art Gallery
Madmoiselle by Francois Fressinier
a painting of a woman with flowers in her hand
Mrs. Henry White, 1883 - John Singer Sargent - WikiArt.org
John Singer Sargent
a woman sitting on the floor playing a violin in an empty room next to a window
she never sleeps, so practices her arts very early before anyone else is up
three rocks sitting on top of each other in a wave like area that looks like sand
Swirls and Rocks by GMCPhotographics on DeviantArt
swirls and rocks
some rocks and sand in the middle of an orange area with one rock laying on it
PhotoNet Home
desert stones
the clockmaker is reflected in the water with its reflection on it's face
Circus of Splendor & Grandeur
a bronze statue of a girl in a dress
'Degas watching Monet' in Musée Marmottan.
a black and white photo of a woman's face with watercolor splashs
a large wave is coming in to the shore and it's lights are on
ocean shots to take your breath away!
Sunset Wave