We spent 4 days in Malta and Gozo in December, we suggest this wonderful destination even in winter 'cause it offers so many things to see that you'll almost…
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many small boats are in the water near some buildings and dark clouds above them on a cloudy day
Sunday Market in Marsaxlokk
the city is surrounded by water and clouds
Winter Sunrise in La Valletta, Malta.
a black and white photo of an old church with a bench in front of it
Visitare Malta
Visitare Malta: Gozo | blog100days
a black and white photo of the ocean with cliffs in the foreground, clouds in the background
Visitare Malta
Scogliere Dwejra
a rock formation in the middle of the ocean with an arch sticking out of it
Visitare Malta
Finestra Azzurra Dwejra Gozo
a black and white photo of a sign in the middle of an open field with water coming out of it
Visitare Malta
saline gozo malta
an old rock house with two red doors
Visitare Malta
strada saline gozo malta
a person riding a bike down a snow covered road next to the ocean on a sunny day
Visitare Malta
Saline Gozo
black and white photograph of clouds over the ocean
Visitare Malta
Gozo saline
a black and white photo of a road with clouds in the sky above it,
Visitare Malta
Paesaggio Gozo, Malta