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an ornament hanging from a christmas tree with pink and green designs on it
Crealies : sfera con finestra Lachi Art
a close up of a paper plate with butterflies on it and flowers in the background
Crealies : butterly hugs round card with pop up
a close up of a flower on a piece of wood with the words creay dies
Crealies : Easelcard with frame and inlay with video
there is a piece of wood that has been cut into pieces and tied with ribbon
Crealies : arch mini album with video tutorial
a handmade card with the words for you on it
Crealies: a charming easel card
a small card with a bear on it
Lachiart : un card pieno di dolcezza
Om, Super, Stans, Smile
Crealies: on the move smile triangle octagon card
some cards are laying on top of each other with the words made by annna for crealies
Crealies: interactive condoleance card
a blue bird is sitting on top of a vase with flowers and a heart shaped ornament
Crealies: 3 d heart creation with pearls
a pink rose sitting on top of a table next to an open box with cards
Crealies: a gatefold card with rounded corners
a brown card with blue flowers on it
Tic tac toe monochrome polychromos flowers with doodles
a close up of a card with flowers on it
Crealies : spring is in the air giftholder with a bookmark
some stamps are sitting on top of a table with flowers and pencils next to it
Stone Age friend birthday card
a pink rose sitting on top of a table next to a piece of paper and scissors
Crealies: hexagon peek a boo card