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Original Abstract Painting by Nidal Khaddour | Abstract Art on Canvas | Lilac Mountain


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an open door leading to a bathroom with black and white tiles on the floor below
a bucket sitting on top of a tiled floor
an old brick wall with some paint chippings on it and a ladder leaning against the wall
a metal box sitting on top of a conveyor belt
three windows in the side of a stone building
an empty room with stone floors and walls
a long wooden bench sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to a building
an unfinished room with stone walls and windows
the inside of an old brick building with exposed wood beams and stone flooring on it
a ladder is in the middle of an unfinished room with stone walls and exposed ceiling
an old stone wall with wooden boards attached to it
an unfinished room with exposed brick walls and ladders
a window in an old stone building with wires hanging from it's side wall
the pipes are connected to the wall in the room that is made out of stone