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girlfriendwontletmewearthongs: “ all good ideas. ”

femdom-chronicles: “Prostate massage and strap-on pegging for dummies femdom art ”

Girlfriend Won't Let Me Wear Thongs — all good ideas.

Girlfriend Won& Let Me Wear Thongs — all good ideas.

I got: Passive God ! What Kind Of God Would You Be?

Taking inspiration from Michelangelo’s masterpiece “The Creation of Adam”, an anonymous artist has taken the liberty of placing God in everyday situations where we would expect to see him the least.


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Order and symmetry are two extremely underrated things that you think about a lot, actually.

22 Things Only People With OCD Will Understand. I Oh my gosh! This is all SO true for me!that's exactly how I feel every single time people claim to be OCD, but have no clue what it really is!

When you’re harvesting Tinderboys after uploading a new selfie.

Jeanne de Montbaston – Penis Trees Against the Misogynists? -- an interesting read on feminism in the middle ages. And also, because I'm twelve.