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Biological Microscopes offer high quality, cost saving and the best performance per price microscopes for clinicians, lab supervisors, medical technicians and researchers.
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the parts of a microscope labeled in this diagram are shown below and below it's name
Bioimager | Advanced Custom Microscopes
Parts of a Microscope
a microscope is shown in front of a purple background
Bioimager | Advanced Custom Microscopes
BIM-200 Inverted Biological Microscope
an image of a computer with a microscope on top of it and a monitor in front of it
HDS-2520 Digital Automated 3D Imaging System
the parts of a microscope labeled in spanish on a white background with words below it
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How to Use the Microscope, How to Make a Wet Mount, Drawing Specimens, How to Stain a Slide, and more | Biology Corner (Module #1)
a large red object in the middle of space
Billions and Billions
Simeis 147 (Spaghetti Nebula) is a large SN remnant in the constellations of Taurus & Auriga. It is the result of a SN explosion about 40,000 yrs ago. It is 3000 ly away & about 140 ly across
an animal that is standing on a tree branch
17 Things That Prove Tardigrades Are Basically Superheroes
an image of some kind of purple substance
Golgi complex in olfactory bulb cell - Stock Image - G460/0074
the microscope is set up to look at an image on the computer screen and monitor
A white blood cell chases and engulfs this bacteria.
a white microscope sitting on top of a table next to a black and white object
These microscopes are the best solutions for the clinics, hospitals, universities, college schools, leading biomedical research labs and companies.
a person holding a green leaf with the letter b on it next to a pencil
Leaves and Stomata