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an art piece made out of wood with houses and buildings painted on the wall behind it
several white and blue buildings are on the wall next to each other with small windows
there are many dollhouses on the wall with blue doors and windows in each one
there are many blue and white doors on the wall
Greece magnetic #santorini #greece
there are many blue and white decorations on the wall
a colorful picture frame with a flower in the center and some buildings on it's sides
Mosaico/casitas #piedras #ideas #reciclar #reciclaje #decor #decoración
a painting of colorful houses and a tree
two pieces of art made out of wood on the floor
Casitas en mosaico
the frame is decorated with colorful pictures
a mirror that is sitting on top of a table
a mirror that is made out of different colored tiles and has a bird on it
a mirror that is on the side of a wooden wall with beads and other things around it
Portfolio — Debra Mager Mosaics
Portfolio — Debra Mager Mosaics