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Christmas Rustic Style. Love the smell of Orange Pomanders. Buy your Cloves in bulk at a Health Food store, SUPER CHEAP!

Вязание пледа спицами

Ravelry: Damas patrón del amortiguador y la cubierta de asiento de Jean Musgo

triangle knitting by emma lamb #knittingcotton #summerknitting #weareknitters

Stoer gebreid kussen by WIT WIT, heerlijk warm voor de wintermaanden <3

This white built-in entertainment center makes this room feel grand and inviting. Plus we love all of the storage and shelving to show off accessories.

bookshelf styling | dayme walther

Greige Home Decor | Getting comfortable with Greige Paint and ColourPlascon Trends

Storybook Love Affair: Beautiful Reading Rooms