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Do as the trees: the leaves change and keep the roots. So, change your ideas but keep your principles.


Abbi sempre il coraggio di prenderti in braccio e portarti in salvo


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Amami quando lo merito meno perché è in quel momento che ne avrò più bisogno

Love me when I deserve it the least, because that moment i'll need it the most.

Scegli il tuo cammino...

Fill your child with self-esteem. Children need their buckets filled each day by their parents and other adults and family members. The remainder of the day people will be taking things out of the bucket. Make sure your child's bucket never gets empty.

Liberati dalla paura di essere giudicata e sii la donna che hai sempre voluto essere

Freed from the fear of being judged and be the woman you always wanted to be


My boo bear and his love of ducks. Which started with a beautiful vase full of ducks from auntie patty and lives on in 'duck and goose' books.