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a blue couch sitting in the middle of a room
Gallery of Arches in Interior Design: 26 Projects that Reimagine the Classical Shape - 17
a close up view of a green decorative window with holes in the side and bottom
ceramic details
an open book with pictures and other items on it's cover, including broccoli
Palette of work
a room with some stairs and bottles on the wall
new stairs and wine wall
two swans are swimming in the water together
working on a new faucet called SWAP
the reception desk is decorated with red flowers and pictures on the wall behind it that reads softatiliaca cafe
Linee luminose e pennellate di colore
The coffee area of Sofitalia International
two tall white vases sitting next to each other in front of a wooden wall
the bathroom of Ceramara restaurant in Altamura .
the interior of a modern house with green and white walls, wood logs on the floor
the lounge bar at Ceramara risto-lounge in Altamura.
two pictures of a bathroom with white walls and wood flooring, one is decorated in bright colors
a white sink sitting under a round mirror