F. Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald was an author during the Great Despression and Jazz Age. He completed four novels and one half of a fifth one. His most famous book was called, "The Great Gatsby". And he was named after his second cousin, Francis Scott Key.

Gabriel García Márquez, México D.F., photographie de Graciela Iturbide -  1992

varietas: Graciela Iturbide: The Writer Gabriel García Márquez, México D.

Paul Auster

Paul Auster - American writer and director whose writing blends absurdism, existentialism, crime fiction, and the search for identity and personal meaning.

Mario Vargas Llosa

Meet the extraordinary Mario Vargas Llosa. He is a writer, essayist, journalist…

Borges, Jorge Luis

Jorge Luis Borges, “Los Justos” (“La Cifra”, 1981)

An afternoon with Jorge Luis Borges - Features - Books - The Independent

Javier Marias

Spanish author Javier Marías, in a posed photograph from

Antonio Tabucchi

Antonio Tabucchi was an Italian writer and academic who taught Portuguese language and literature at the University of Siena, Italy.

Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras: Marguerite Donnadieu, better known as Marguerite Duras April 1914 – 3 March was a French writer and film director.

Philip Roth: Unmasked

Philip Roth at work. Philip Roth was the winner of the Man Booker International Prize.

Natalia Ginzburg  "Valentino, La madre, Sagittario"  12/02

Senza fate e senza maghi - Natalia Ginzburg