TOMBOY STYLE ICONS: PATTI SMITH Patti Smith was as important a style icon as she was an extraordinary musician. The dark tousled hair, oversized dress shirts, men’s blazers, worn-out denims, and black.

EXACTLY how i want my desk to be

Need home office ideas? Some great inspo from vosgeparis' studio work space. Beautiful, classic, and elegant are the words that come to mind for this office space with a black and white art wall.

Definite craft room inspiration here

Take a look at this oversized framed bulletin board behind the desk. This idea, from Martha Stewart, is the perfect solution for organizing a home office, craft room, or any other creative working space.

Simple and genius, she is always perfect.

Audrey Tautou (born 9 August 1976 or is a French film actress, perhaps best known outside of France for her roles in Amélie The Da Vinci Code Priceless and Coco Before Chanel She won the César Award for Most Promising Actress in Venus Beauty Institute

yes, warhol

Andy Warhol used his films in multiple screen projections to create the Exploding Plastic Inevitable with the sounds of the Velvet Underground & Nico and was filmed live by Ronald Nameth

no words

Bob Dylan knocking on heavens door original version 1973 Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Full song Movie version Guns N Roses.Beautifull song of all tim.

Bob Dylan. Central Park.February 10, 1965.

♥ Photography by Richard Avedon Bob Dylan, Musician, Central Park, New York, February 1965 From Richard Avedon: Photographs


American star photographer Annie Leibovitz, b. Photo: John Keatley - ‘One of the things that I found out during my research is that Annie looks through her camera with her left eye.

beach house

/////△\\\\\\ i am in love with dynamic duo victoria legrand and alex scally of beach house .