Italian words about family members (and English translation).

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italian for my girlfriend : Photo

Qui si parla soltanto Italiano - We only speak Italian here.

arkyy: italianformygirlfriend: wicked-witch-of-curva-sud: Should I add this to my essay about Romans? I’d like to note that it might be ...

Learning Italian Language ~ Rompipalle

italian for my girlfriend : Photo

one of my favourite quotes, in both languages ;)

Awesome Italian expressions with no real English translation

jayjaybk: italianformygirlfriend: 630: Pigro Do you pronounce ‘g’? Or just sounds like piro? italianformygirlfriend Replying here since I can’t seem to find a way to message you privately - yes, the g is pronounced! I have yet to record the pronunciation of this particular word, but in the meanwhile I can direct you to the recording of the word tigre (tiger) which has the same igr sound.

Learning Italian - Meglio soli che male accompagnati.

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