Cinzano (Drinks) 1954 René Gruau***Research for possible future project.

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.cacao Talmone: esistera' ancora?

Vintage Italian Posters ~ ~ Michael Talmone was one of the first to believe in the advertising industry and this poster, created in has appeared on walls all over the world for two to three generation.

Vintage Italian Posters ~ #Italian #vintage #posters ~ Have a romantic punch with "Martini" the Italian bitter - 1950

Rossi Mario / 1950 Martini , China lixy, con acqua calda et buccia di limone have a romantic punch with "Martini" the Italian bitter.

Pubblicità Caramelle Rossana

caramelle Rossana- believe it or not they are super popular in Costa Rica. People loves these down here.


Olivetti, Typewriter, Vintage Poster, by Ernesto Pirovano