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an old map shows the location of some countries
Il Gioco dei Pirati
an old newspaper advertisement showing bicycles and riders in different positions on the same bike course
I campionati mondiali di ciclismo
an old poster shows how to do different exercises
Il gioco delle olimpiadi
the layout of a model train set with tracks and trains on it's map
La piccola ferrovia
an overhead view of a stadium with many seats
Il "Vigorelli"
a poster showing different types of animals and their names in various languages, including the letter e
Il gioco del Safari
an old book with pictures of people and horses
Soldatini CdP fino al 1960
an image of knights and knights in different positions, with the words i moschhetterii di francia
Soldatini CdP dal 1968 in poi
an old book with pictures of medieval knights
Soldatini CdP 1964-65
Soldatini CdP 1964-65
Soldatini CdP 1964-65
the cover of an italian magazine called correre dei piccoli, with images of people and animals
Il gioco del torneo