DIY men's shirt gift bags - how CUTE!

DIY shirt and tie gift boxes for dad. Make your Father's Day or birthday gift even more special with these adorable handmade gift box ideas!

Bow tie napkins with utensils

{DIY Bow Tie Napkins with Utensils} I just think this is such a great idea for a baby boy shower or birthday party! DIY bow-tie napkins around utensils wrapped with polka dot bow ties

It's a "Dad's Stache" tray.  Get it?  A tray for all his stuff with a picture of mustache on it?

Father's Day Craft

It's a "Dad's Stache" tray. A tray for all his stuff with a picture of mustache on it? Best DIY Father's Day Gift EVER.

not shrink - make w/ paper for dad's day cards (note: shrink plastic is not sturdy enough - i made keychains before and they all broke. #6 recycled plastic is better for keychains)

Kids will love to make a keychain for their dad this Father's Day. The Footprints Father's Day Keychain is a keepsake gift that any dad would like. Have your kids trace their feet on shrink paper to create the images for the keyring decorations.

I cried just reading this.  Great father's day craft!

Fathers day craft and poem. Would also be cute to include the kids actual foot prints somewhere.

Father's day crafts, This is what im gonna use to put the kids father's day gifts, i can't wait to help the kids actually make it. lol

FREE templates FREE printables DIY Father's Day Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes so quick and easy, kids can make them for their dads! fathers day gift bag ideas giftwrap idea for dad or grandpa or great-grandpa - father's day party favors for large groups

Father�s Day Crafts

Father's Day - 80 and more gift ideas for dad and crafts for children of preschool and school .

personalized pencils diy..for dad, mom, kids, etc! Such a darling idea.

Need a gift idea for Father's Day? We found 125 handmade father's day gift ideas that you can make for your dad that he will absolutely love.