Pizza on a Stick. Thats real finger food.

Pizza on a Stick: bake, freeze, thaw and rewarm for an after-school snack or light supper with a salad Make with GF flour instead.

Girelle di zucchine, formaggio e speck

finger food: pasta sfoglia con zucchine formaggio e speck

cucchiai di sfoglia

(several darling finger food recipes & ideas/ needs translation) Appetizer bread/puff pastry spoon


Occasionally we want to do something different from routine. So today let's give regular hotdogs a little twist! These twisted hotdog buns look very cute and delicious. They are easy and fun to mak.

Fagottini di pasta sfoglia ripieni di Brie e marmellata di mirtilli.  - Easy and delicious baked Brie bites

Fagottini di sfoglia

Easy and delicious baked Brie bites. Possible Wine and Cheese Appy.