Laura Bini

Laura Bini

Verona, Italy / "First electricity, now telephones. Sometimes I feel as if I were living in an H.G. Wells novel" - Lady Violet, Downton Abbey
Laura Bini
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Bruno Munari, Faces, 1994-66

Imagine a time with no computers but with lots of craftsmanship and creativity.

Bruno Munari, gatto Meo Romeo, 1949

Romeo the Cat (Gatto Meo) toy by Bruno Munari, 1949

Visual Games by Bruno Munari for Danese, ca. 1968

For Sale on - Complete set of 54 cards, printed on board, comprising a children's game (titled "Visual Games") that involves arranging cards in a logical

DESIGN AS ART – Bruno Munari Leggo per legittima difesa | Le migliori copertine dei libri |

Bruno Munari, Design as Art 1966 --- This cover depicts icons which grab your attention and give you an idea about what the book might be about. The font is nice and bold so it is easily visible at a small scale.