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For the day I require tissue paper pompoms..

10 packs of tissue paper mix colors: teal, lime green, silver, black - no white We have selected the best projects of How To Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Tissue Paper Balls or Tissue Paper Puffs.

Giant Crepe Paper Flower

Giant Paper Flower for a DIY Wedding Backdrop - Craft Tutorial

I recently had the chance to make some wonderful large crepe paper flowers for a friend's wedding. They were to be part of a backdrop installation, so we needed to make a lot of flowers that filled a space well while still being finely-crafted and artist

Learn how to create a stunning paper flower backdrop for weddings, events, or any occasion!

Paper Flower Backdrop: Flower 1


Coffee Filter Flower Backdrop

Make your own stunning wedding backdrop with this DIY over-sized paper flower tutorial from handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith.