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many different scenes from the series, including one with an image of a man and woman
#LegendsofTomorrow #1x03
many different actors and their names
the avengers movie scene is shown in three different pictures, including captain america and iron man
Meet Rip Hunter aka the Time Master. Rebel. Leader. Captain. Survivor. Hero. Legend.
there is a man standing in front of a mirror
The Disaster Crew + Tumblr Text Posts, Part 1/?
two pictures of the same person with different expressions on them, one is holding a bat and
#LegendsofTomorrow #Season1 #1x12
two men in suits and hats standing on steps
Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill )in his long coat & Commander Steel? (Matthew MacCaul) -- #LegendsofTomorrow filming scenes downtown in Vancouver
the avengers movie memes are all different
Legends of Tomorrow #LoT #legendsoftomorrow
the poster for the movie super - heros of tomorrow, featuring two men and one woman
several shots of people in uniform and on the same page, one is pointing at something
Rip Hunter #LegendsofTomorrow #Season2 #2x01
two men and a woman standing in front of a poster
a drawing of people sitting in the shape of a heart
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a black background with one man smiling at the camera
there are many people that are posing for pictures together in front of the camera and on the set
many different people are shown together in this collage with the caption that says,'the years will pass but we will never forget forget forget forget for their faces