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Chupa Chups Brand Inventory

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This Brand Inventory goals to determine the product's Brand elements, Supporting marketing programs, Profile of competitive brands, Points-of-parity and points-of-difference and Brand Mantra.

During the last 50 years Chupa Chups has been moving the world. In 2008 Chupa Chups wanted to celebrate its 50th anniversary with all Chupa Chups' consumers around the world celebrating several events during the year and in different countries like the grosse Schülerparty in Germany, the skyblog in France, the suck for luck in Philippines, and so on finishing with a huge MTV Concert in Barcelona.

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Brand Logo (Brand Element)

Pantone - Product Collaboration. This apparel collection featured confectionary brands Mentos and Chupa Chups for their launching. The Chupa Chups capsule collection combines the flower-shaped logo with popular flavours of the lollipop. This gives a colour palette including Strawberry Cream, Vibrant Orange, Lemon and Green Apple.

During the 90´s the company also adopted a diversifiying strategy, launching to the market new products. The company knew the great value of its brand "Chupa Chups" worldwide and discovered another business different of producing and selling just candies: the licensing. In this way, Chupa Chups created a own licensing department to exploit its well-known brand putting it on t-shirts, folders, pens, glasses, perfumes, board games, toys...

Its PRICE ranges from 20-25 pesos

Profile Of Competitive Brand - Lipps Pop Stix is a non-mentholated hard candy that comes in six (6) fruity flavors - Strawberry, Mango, Tamarind, Apple, Grapes and Black Berry

Points-of-parity, Points-of-difference

Another Packaging

Brand's Tagline (Brand Element)