Modena, Province of Modena, Emilia Romagna region Italy

Modena, Province of Modena, Emilia Romagna region Italy. We have a place here 🇮🇹

Aldo Rossi (1931–1997) / San Cataldo Cemetery, 1971 / Modena, Italy.

Gallery of AD Classics: San Cataldo Cemetery / Aldo Rossi - 38

Gabriele Basilico - CImitero di San Cataldo

Architettura come… Aldo Rossi

subtilitas: Gabriele Basilico’s beautiful capture of Aldo Rossi’s San Cataldo Cemetery, Modena Via.

36 Hours in Modena, Italy -

36 hours in Modena, Italy: Sensory pleasures are abundant in this city north of Florence, where food is drizzled with transcendent vinegar and a new museum honors the founder of Ferrari.

Il Duomo di Modena

The Modena cathedral, one of the most notable examples of early Romanesque style in Italy, has been named UNESCO heritage site in

Not familiar with Modena? This idyllic town located on the flat plains of the sluggish Po River is home to some of Italy’s most precious culinary traditions as well as an infinitely authentic, deeply magnetizing atmosphere that I have rarely seen in my travels. #travel #Italy

22 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Modena

Skip Venice, Rome, and Florence: the real deal is in Modena, Italy's most elegant and gourmet city.