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Guido Negri

Guido Negri
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The Photo FX Kit! Everything to need to take magical photos - a glass prism, colored flour, 4 colored LEDs, a rainbow peephole and a handy Guide to Photo Magic.

Get the Photo FX Kit, a box full of tricks for colorful (and surprising) photography adventures! Every kit includes a collection of goodies to transform your regular ol’ pics into blasts of color and.

Phoneography Starter Kit - Perfect for the budding phoneographer (or anyone with a phone in their pocket). This kit contains Wide Angle and Macro Lenses, a Phone-o-Chome rainbowfilter, and enrollment into our Phoneography 101 email course, all in a cute zippered pouch. ($65 worth of gear for just $30).

Phoneography Starter Kit - The Photojojo Store! Comes with: wide angle & macros lenses, manual filter, Photojojo University Scholarship, & a snazzy little pouch to carry it all in!

McD ad for coffee

Here are 3 smart guerrilla marketing campaign examples that have been amazingly successful in generating brand awareness.