Bruno Bertolasi

Bruno Bertolasi

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いよいよ、今週末9/7(土)、映画『アップサイドダウン 重力の恋人』公開です。最高にキュートでかわいいキルスティンに会えます。

Kirsten Dunst

Kristen Dunst - what I love most about this is it really captures her personality, too.

Kirsten Dunst Antoine Verglas Photoshoot for Maxim Magazine

Marvel in film n°7 - 2004 - Kirsten Dunst (Mary-Jane Watson) - Spider-Man 2 by Sam Raimi

Kirsten Dunst es una actriz, modelo y cantante que debutó en 'Oedipus Wrecks', un cortometraje de Woody Allen perteneciente a la antología cinematográfica 'Historia de Nueva York'

Pain is such an important thing in life. I think that as an artist you have to experience suffering. - Naomi Watts