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San Giovanni dei Lebbrosi is an ancient church in Palermo, Sicily. While built by the Norman rulers, the architecture has strong Arabic influences. The church in 1119 was attached to a leprosarium, hence the title. The church was dedicated to St John the Baptist. The adjacent hospital no longer exists. The church was initially commissioned in 1071 by Robert Guiscard and Roger I of Sicily. Tradition holds the besieging Norman Army had camped near this site, near an Arabic castle, and here…


Monumenti di Palermo

Portale arabo-normanno del Conservatorio musicale di Palermo.

Una Rosa d'Oro

The intriguing decoration of the cathedral abside in Palermo

Le leggende siciliane

The Cuba is a palace in the Sicilian city of Palermo. It was built in 1180 by William II of Sicily in his great Royal Park, as his personal recreation pavilion, together with an artificial lake: it shows strong Fatimid art influences, as it was (at least partially) designed and decorated by Arab artists still living in Palermo after the Norman conquest in 1072. During the rule of Bourbon kings of Naples

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Il Castello di Solanto (PA), costruito per proteggere l'omonima Tonnara - risale al tempo di Ruggero II il normanno (Sec. XII).

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Mosaici Bizantini nella Sicilia Normanna

Mosaici Bizantini nella Sicilia Normanna

cupole normanne a Mazara, Province of Trapani , Sicily region.

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