ThanksHow to save torn PU leather bag handles with ribbon tutorial awesome pin

How To Grow Green Onions. Never buy scallions again, simply cut and regrow! Super fun and easy DIY trick @ Holiday Sparkle

Utilizzare al meglio frigo & freezer - Silvia Gherra per Esseredonnaonline

L'Astuce Pour Étendre Son Linge Quand On a Peu de Place.

save room on the laundry line with this shirt formation

Ecco 14 SUPER consigli utili per semplificarsi la vita, la vi divertirà molto!

Free Car Headlight Cleaner Car Headlight’s Dirty and Hazy? Don’t Splash The Cash Cleaning Them – Use This Free Car Headlight Cleaner! Weird as it might seem, toothpaste makes an amazing.

Sponge Ice Pack-frozen, saturated sponge in a bag makes an icepack that won't drip all over when it melts - great idea!

Clear Nail Polish To Secure Buttons Just a dab will also keep button threads from unraveling. You can apply it as a prevention or to stop an already fraying thread in the case that you don’t have a sewing kit handy.

27 Life Hacks-Tips Every Girl Should Know About.TIP Paint your keys with nail polish to easily distinguish the sets.

Cut a slit into a toilet paper or paper towel roll to make a wrapping paper cuff! (keeps the paper from unrolling everywhere). For smaller rolls, you may have to put a piece of tape on the outside of the toilet paper cuff to make it fit.

Hang Picture Frame or Shelf: Use Painter's Tape, Measure Distance Between Holes, Place Tape on Wall, Install Nails / Screws

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