Juxtapoz Magazine - Amy Judd's Silent Moments

Amy Judd's Silent Moments

Amy Judd UK) London based artist Amy Judd creates a collection of sensitive silent moments; some full of whimsical intrigue, others more surreal and seductive. Her paintings draw inspiration.

glowing sculpture

Glowing Wire Sculptures by Cedric Le Borgne

French artist Cedric Le Borgne creates illuminated sculptures using chicken wire. The pieces are then installed in public places, often suspended in the air. His most recent work features luminous wire birds and is entitled Le Desir et la Menace.

Juxtapoz Magazine - Signalstarr's Mystic Psychedelia

Signalstarr's Mystic Psychedelia

Nick Stewart Hoyle, aka "Signalstarr" is a London-based artist, and self proclaimed visual traverser of the etheric. "His work explores.

Lu Cong

Makena oil on panel, 60 x 60 inches, by Lu Cong. Lu Cong was born in Shanghai in 1978 and moved to the US when he was He later graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in Biology and Art.

Danny Ivan's Textural Abstractions

Danny Ivan is a digital artist, videographer, and editor currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal.