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a diagram with animals and words in spanish on the bottom right corner is an image of a cow
che idea3 Discipline
Paper House My Family Craft
an animal family tree is shown in this diagram
Le Alpi: flora e fauna
an illustrated diagram shows the different parts of a rock formation and how it is made
a poster with the words and pictures in different languages, including english and spanish letters
Paradiso delle mappe
Paradiso delle mappe
a poster with words describing different types of food and things that are in the language
Le attività in pianura - terza parte
Paradiso delle mappe
a cartoon character is surfing in front of a pink and blue background with the words advertiti pc on it
Mari, laghi, fiumi: gioco didattico per la geografia
a diagram showing the different types of animals
Gli Appennini: flora e fauna
a map with animals and names on it
Le Alpi: flora e fauna
a diagram that shows the different types of face climatches and how to use them
fasce climatiche
geografia quarta elementare
an open notebook with handwritten notes on the page and pictures of countries in red
Quaderno geografia classe 4^
Quaderno geografia classe 4^ | Maestra Giulia
an orange and white poster with words describing the different types of things to see in spanish
a map showing the different regions of italy
Istituto Comprensivo Statale Di Robbiate
an image of a sphere with the word equatore on it and measurements
1 Gli strumenti della Geografia
Imparare con la Geografia: 1 Gli strumenti della Geografia